The President's Message

Meegan Veeder-Shave

Have you ever wanted to learn how to quilt?
Do you want to learn new quilting ideas and techniques?
Do you want to meet people who have fiber art interests and make new friends?

Join us for motivation, encouragement and camaraderie. All levels of quilters are welcome. We have workshops and speakers and special events to provide opportunities to learn and practice quilting in its many different forms. We would love to see you come and learn about this truly expressive art.
Meegan Veeder-Shave- President

Weather Cancellation Policy   

If Arlington schools are closed because of weather, the FDQ meeting will be canceled.  School cancellations are at . In addition, a meeting could be canceled due to nasty weather late in the day, after school hours.

If a meeting is canceled, it will be posted on the Home page of the FDQ website . This is the page that comes up when you enter the website, just scroll down. It is also posted on the Activities page, just scroll down. The Year at a Glance will also be updated with the cancellation. This page is located under About Us page. Also, we will try to send out an email, and/or an old-fashioned telephone tree.

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Coming in April

Wed. 17       Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church on Route 55                         in Lagrangeville.

                     FDQ Guild meeting – Katrina Thomas – “My Favorite                                 Notions” & Trunk show of Quilts

                     Challenge introduction by Sue Hardy 

 4/26 & 4/27 Workshop with KatrinaThomas at her studio in Pleasant                             Valley. Contact Katrina.                                                     

                         Paula Nadelstern workshop in May - sign ups

We all have some of those times - right now I wish whatever planet is out of alignment would go back or that I could replace whatever rock I moved. I could deal with the hot water heater dying, then the water pump - (All I can say is Thank God for the gym membership or we might have been mighty ripe). This time of year, we expect some vet visits but 3 in a week - Oh My. But my
crowning glory is for right now, apparently the ability to send sewing machines to repair centers.

I was sewing away on my favorite one (which had just been serviced) when I heard a clunk and it wouldn't move. Okay, I take out the back-up. It decided to have a long bobbin loop every 5th stitch - so that won't work. My mom offers me the one I sewed on for years, but I wanted to use the buttonhole stitch and the cam won't come out and I can't get it to stop sewing backwards. So, I walk in with 3 machines to be repaired- boy was that a hefty repair bill. In the meantime, I commandeer one of my daughters and finish an Easter quilt that I have been working on about 8 years. I put it on my longarm to finally finish it and guess what - yep, the computer dies. I guess this year for my birthday I will be getting a computer pod but until I can get it repaired, my Easter quilt is doomed to one more year in a box and not on display. 

So, what has all this taught me-
• Well, kinda like chickens or lambs - don't count on a project being done until it is.
• You can always find some hand sewing to do - on the upside I got a bunch of bindings sewn on and some quilts are actually completed.
• My daughters think that I have the kiss of death and won't lend me their sewing machines and I really can't blame them.
• I am very blessed with sewing machines and should be thankful when they are working because when they are not, I miss having them to use. 

On that note - enjoy the flowers that bloom in the spring, the warmer weather and say thank you to Shelley Greener for a great Super Saturday! 



Coming in May


Wed. 15          FDQ Meeting: Farm & Home center in Millbrook

                            Paula Nadelstern Lecture    

Thurs. 16        Workshop Paula Nadelstern - Farm & Home center in                                Millbrook

Community Quilts plans to resume meeting in the barn in May.